President’s Day 2019 Holiday Transit Schedules

Celebrating our Presidents

Monday, February 18, 2019 is President’s Day. Unlike most Federal holidays, where transit services are typically limited to weekend-level services, most transit districts tend to operate on a typical weekday schedule on President’s Day, with some districts operating weekday services with modifications.

Service Modifications

The only transit agencies that I know of, by which I cover in The Global Transit Guidebook, that will operate a modified schedule are Hampton Roads Transit (HRT), the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, & the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH). Some New Jersey Transit (NJT) bus & rail services may be modified accordingly, as well as various other northeastern US bus & rail services. Please check with your respective transit agency if you are unsure about the service schedule for President’s Day.

  • Hampton Roads Transit (HRT)
    • Weekday service for light rail, ferry, & most bus routes.
    • Express bus routes 919, 922, 973, & 974 will not operate.
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York (MTA)
    • Subway & bus services will operate on a modified Saturday schedule with some services & routes seeing extra trips.
    • Commuter rail schedules may vary.
  • Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH)
    • Weekend schedule.


While I’ve done my best to ensure accuracy, the listed information ultimately comes from the transit agencies themselves. If you spot an error, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can correct it.

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