Website Renovation Update – 11/25/2018

You’ve likely noticed by now that I’ve changed over to a new website theme. While I initially wanted to keep my previous theme – “Twenty Fourteen”, I felt that it would not be in line with the overall look and feel that I ultimately want to create for The Global Transit Guidebook website. Additionally, WordPress is rolling out a new editing interface by which caused my posts to look really weird with my previous theme. So as they say, change was inevitable.

My previous website theme, “Twenty Fourteen”.

As I was redesigning the Global Transit Guidebook website, there were a couple of core elements that I was looking for. I wanted the site to continue to be visually appealing so that my readers can take in the various transit photos that I’ve taken over the years, while at the same time being more simplistic so that my readers can read through my blog posts and navigate the site more easily. To say the least, it was a challenge trying to locate a WordPress theme that would adhere to both elements. However, after some searching and testing, I finally settled on the “Radiate” theme.

My new website theme, “Radiate”.

So What’s New?

As depicted by the screenshot above, you’ll find that there is no sidebar with links. I decided to have all of the site pages display as “full length” so that the sidebar isn’t limiting overall visibility of content – especially when the site is being viewed from a mobile device. You’ll also find that many redundancies throughout the site are being eliminated. This includes redundant links, menus, pages, etc. for easier navigation and reading.

The main sections of the site are now confined to the “About” section, the blog, the “Transports” section, and the “Other Features & Projects” section. The latter contains links to my Social Media channels, projects, and other site sections. In addition, mobile users no longer have to deal with the main site menu not displaying correctly. I personally noticed that with my old theme, when trying to use the main site menu bar, that the text would suddenly change from white to black – making it hard to read through the menu.

What’s Still To Come?

Many of the site pages are still being updated, so in the meantime, you’ll see many pages sporting the old appearance. However, as we enter 2019, you’ll see more pages shift over to the new layout. I’m primarily working on the main structure of the site first, then moving to each individual page within the “Transports” section, then the “About” section will be updated. The “Other Features & Projects” section is being updated in tandem with the main structure changes. Eventually, all of my individual blog posts will be updated to the new format. If you’re a fellow WordPress user, then you’ve probably been notified about the new editing interface and blocked page/post format (and perhaps even had a chance to try it out yourself).

Can I Submit Feedback?

Absolutely you can! You can either use the Contact Form or connect with me on Social Media (using the links below). Alternatively, you can chime in on website updates via my Facebook Group – The Global Transit Guidebook Forum.

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