Friday Rewind – HART’s original route list

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In this edition of Friday Rewind, I will very briefly highlight the evolution of the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) bus system, which was up until 2006, called HARTline. Below is a listing of HART’s original routes, and corresponding headways (how frequent buses ran). Now keep in mind that back in the 1980s, many bus routes only ran Monday through Friday. Weekend services would be added as the agency evolved.

1 Florida Ave (every 20 minutes)
2 Nebraska Ave (every 30 minutes)
3 Davis Island (every 30 minutes)
4 Palma Ceia (30 mins during peak, 60 minutes offpeak)
5 Jackson Heights (every 30 minutes)
6 Gary (every 30 minutes)
7 West Tampa (every 30 minutes)
8 Progress Village – Riverview (30 mins during peak, 60 minutes offpeak)
9 North 15th St (30 mins during peak, 60 minutes offpeak)
10 Beach Park (every 30 minutes)
11 St Joseph (every 30 minutes)
12 Belmont Heights (every 20 minutes)
13 Drew Park (30 mins during peak, 65 minutes offpeak)
14 Carrollwood (30 mins during peak, 65 minutes offpeak)
15 Columbus Dr (every 40 minutes)
16 North Tampa Shuttle (every 60 minutes)
17 MacDill AFB (every 60 minutes)
18 University of South Florida/Busch Gardens (every 60 minutes)
19 Port Tampa (the same 60/30 split service as we have now)
20 Lutz/Bearss Express (peak service)
21 Town ‘N Country Local (every 60 minutes)
21X Town ‘N Country Express (peak service)
22 Brandon Express (peak service)
23 East Lake Mall Express (peak service)
24 University Mall Express (peak service)
25 Downtown “Free Bee” (every 20 minutes)
26 Sun City Center (6 trips daily)
27 Buffalo (every 60 minutes)

Prior to the late 1980s, Temple Terrace was not a part of the county’s public transit system, and Plant City services did not exist either. Compare the above list to what HART operates today. Though many routes still run as they were back then, many routes have seen modifications, while others have been merged with other routes, or have been completely eliminated.

Kudos to Mike S. for the route information!

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