Earth Day 2014!

Earth Day

Until now, I’ve never really done any blog posts about Earth Day, yet I used to always do something “Green” for Earth Day back when I was in elementary and middle school. In this post, I will highlight some things that various public transit districts are doing to make every day of the year Earth Day.


First and foremost, many transit districts have at least a few transit buses that utilize an alternative method of fuel; whether that be hybrid-electric diesel, compressed natural gas, or even one of those zero-emissions buses that you’ve seen my fellow blogger Zac talk about. Many transit districts are also obtaining fuel efficient Paratransit vans and staff vehicles.


Many bus shelters and train stations are being powered by solar panels, rather than conventional means. This is not only friendly for the environment, but also takes stress off our aging conventional power grid. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), among many others, have stepped up the installation of solar-powered bus shelters over the past couple of years.


Some transit districts like HART are paving the way to a greener future by building LEED Certified facilities (LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). HART’s rebuilt Operations Center in East Tampa is just one of those facilities, and I’m sure that many other transit districts will follow.


Whether its recycling used products and chemicals, purchasing recycled and green-certified products, using reclaimed water to wash down vehicles, or even installing hand dryers and water-saving fixtures in restrooms; many transit districts across the globe have turned to earth-friendly practices to show that they too care about the environment! But this not just a one-time deal, these are practices that will last for many years to come!


One way that you can help make every day Earth Day, is by using transit! I fully understand that there are circumstances where one isn’t able to take advantage of public transit services. However, just try out transit for a day and see what big of a difference it makes! You may not see the larger impact right away, but if one fuel-efficient bus can remove a handful of personal vehicles from the road, then that’s quite an impact already!

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