Changes coming to HART’s Marion Street Transit Center

Good Monday morning everyone!

I just want to highlight real quick some changes that will be affecting HART’s Marion Street Transit Center in northern Downtown Tampa.

Due to the ongoing construction of HART’s MetroRapid BRT system; several bus routes are having their loading bays reassigned. For instance; shelter M currently serves Route 4 – Palma Ceia/MacDill AFB. Soon, Route 14 will be sharing this shelter with Route 4, since both routes only operate on weekdays and departure times are only once every hour for both routes. Shelter assignments for Route 30 and the In-Town Trolley will also change. MetroRapid shelters will be set up at the northern-most bus loading bays, where PSTA’s express routes 100X and 300X currently stop at.

For a diagram of the revised shelter assignments, click here.


Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Changes coming to HART’s Marion Street Transit Center

  1. I seem to recall a previous plan from HART where they used Zone P for MetroRapid. In any event, I like this idea better, and it’ll certainly help in the future when the MetroRapid network is expanded beyond the 2 currently planned routes.

    Also, I don’t know if these are changes that have already gone into effect, but it looks like Route 2 and Route 9 have switched places at Zone H and I.

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