October, 2018 Photo of the Month

Broward County Transit #1336, taken by Jake L.

The October, 2018 “Photo of the Month” features another member of the “dying breed” group of transit buses, and was once again chosen by members of my Facebook group – The Global Transit Enthusiast Lounge. The photo was taken by our photo contributor and assistant administrator Jake L.

This month’s showcase features Broward County Transit (BCT) #1336, which is a 2013 40-foot North American Bus Industries (NABI) Low Floor (or 40-LFW) transit bus operating on Route 36. NABI’s low floor buses were once powerhouses for both Broward and neighboring Miami-Dade County, and there were three model generations manufactured. Additionally, NABI produced a sleek Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) version of the LFW featuring a curved front. The BRT line of buses were produced in 40 and 60-foot (articulated) lengths, while the regular LFW models were produced in 30, 35, and 40-foot lengths. Options for diesel, diesel-electric hybrid, and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) were available on both bus types.

BCT and Miami-Dade Transit (part of the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works) both have 1st and 2nd generation models – either diesel or hybrid, and each sporting mechanical and cosmetic differences. The 3rd generation model is based on the 2nd generation, but with various mechanical and cosmetic differences. The 2nd and 3rd generation models had the option for “frameless” exterior window panels.

NABI was acquired in 2015 by New Flyer and thus the former’s line of buses are no longer produced. BCT was originally due to get one the final batches of 40-LFW 3G models, but they wound up cancelling the order due to financial difficulties. Fifteen of the buses wound up being acquired by M-DT for service on their express routes that originate in Broward County, while the remaining buses went elsewhere.

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