Website Updates/Expansion is underway!

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been planning out my next website update. I’m roughly a year behind on posting PSTA and HART bus photos, there hasn’t been any major website expansion for even longer than that, and there hasn’t been a whole lot in new blog posts either. Truth to be told, I’ve been really busy with other priorities and I am just getting back to being able to tend to the Global Transit Guidebook.

What you will see in the next few weeks will be pretty significant, and some of the changes have already been implemented.

  • Updating of PSTA, HART, MCAT, & SCAT photos.
  • Adding a Northeastern U.S. Transports section, starting off with the New York City MTA and my recent travels to the city.
  • Building the East Central Florida and Florida Panhandle sections.
  • Updating all website graphics so that each page has the same look.

If you hover your cursor over the main navigation bar at the top, you’ll see under the Transports tab, that the NE U.S. section is already there, along with the New York City MTA page. I will add a second subsection regarding New Jersey Transit, the PATH Subway, and the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail later this year. I’ve also updated the navigation graphics on the homepage and Transports page to reflect what you will see on other pages. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to contribute material to the site.

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