Presenting…The Global Transit Guidebook!

Many of you may know by now that my website is undergoing a major revamp, which began with the implementation of a new theme. But now I have a new name for the site as well, and I think that most of you will be delighted to see the changes!

After careful consideration; I’ve decided to officially rename my site as “The Global Transit Guidebook by HARTride 2012”. I chose this name due to the global scope and reach that I want my site to have. I want to be able to profile multiple transit agencies from across the globe and be able to do so in a similar fashion to that of a magazine or travel guidebook. Thus I think the new name fits in with my intentions quite perfectly!

While you can still link to my site using the existing web address –, I very happy to say that I have a domain name –

A snapshot of the new homepage.
A snapshot of the new homepage.

The theme that I’ve chosen for my site was actually featured by WordPress back in 2014 – thus its name is Twenty Fourteen.  Its sleek, modern, magazine-like design is perfect for what I want to convey to my readers – and it’s mobile friendly too! You’ll notice on the homepage that there is a scrolling section where I will post new and featured posts. The posts that you see on the scrolling section will change regularly so that you’re not seeing the same content week after week.

You will also notice the Showcase section on the right-hand side of most pages. This section will feature specific highlights from my transit travels and other snippets. In addition to the new Showcase section, the Photo of the Month module from a previous version of my site has returned. This module will be situated on the left-hand side of all pages, and members of The Global Transit Guidebook Forum (Facebook Group) will have the chance to vote on future selections.

There will be many other changes that you will begin seeing in the next several weeks – including new photos and graphics, as well as updates to my transit adventures and new episodes of Transit 101 and other focus posts (now called Spotlight Posts). I will also be adding new watermarks to my photos to help deter unauthorized usage.

If you’d to send me your feedback on the various changes to my site, please feel free to do so via the Contact link, the website survey, or by sounding off on my Social Media channels.

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