UPDATE: PSTA Route 74 Detour – 1/6/16 to TBD

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For the past two months, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) has been detouring Route 74 along Gandy Blvd between MLK St N and I-275 due to construction. This past weekend brought upon a change in the detour route, which now have buses in both directions utilizing MLK St N between 94th Ave N and 102nd Ave N, then traveling along 102nd Ave N to 16th St N, and finally 16th St N to Gandy Blvd. The new routing is depicted in the map below, along with approximate locations of the temporary bus stops.

Route 74 Detour Map - Revised 03-13-2016

While this detour is temporary, I have a rather strong feeling that this change could possibly wind up being permanent, depending on how much usage the stops receive. It is to note that along 16th St N between Gandy and 102nd, there are several business parks that are grossly underserved by transit and anyone working in these parks must walk quite a bit to get to any nearby bus stop. Along 102nd Ave N is the Bel Air Apartments, by which anyone residing there would normally walk to the Route 59 stops along MLK St N.

I will be keeping riders posted on any future changes with Route 74, as the changes have not been very well communicated by PSTA.

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