Polk Transit January 4, 2016 Service Changes

Polk Transit January 2016 Service Changes Banner 1

In my first post about Polk County’s transit services, which have been unified in recent years to operate under the Citrus Connection name, the agency is enacting various scheduling, routing, and/or timepoint changes on January 4, 2016. Below is a quick rundown of what to expect.

NEW Route 4X – Lakeland Park Center Express
This route will serve the Downtown Lakeland Terminal, Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center, Lakeland Park Center, and the Salvation Army facility on Kathleen Rd. There will be three trips a day Monday through Friday, leaving the Downtown Lakeland Terminal at 2:45PM, 3:45PM, and 4:45PM.

Route 22XL – Lakeland/Bartow Express
Running Time Change (first round trip only).

Route 22XW – Winter Haven/Bartow
Timepoint Change.

Route 25 – Bartow/Fort Meade
Running Time Change (first trip only).

Route 27X – Dundee/Eagle Ridge Mall.
Minor map change, no schedule changes.

Route 47 – Duff Rd Shuttle
4:15PM trip will no longer run express.

Route 58 – College Connector
Schedule, Timepoint, and Routing Changes.
The Drane Field Rd/Kidron Rd timepoint will only be served on selected trips.

Detailed information, including new schedules, can be obtained at the Citrus Connection website.

Note: Changes to bus routes that are operated by LYNX will take effect on January 24, 2016. These changes will be discussed in an upcoming post regarding that agency’s January, 2016 service changes.

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