Website Update – November, 2015

Website Update - 2015-11-02

During the course of the past few months, over two dozen photos have been added across my website. Most of those photos have been added to my new PSTA bus fleet page, while the rest have been added to the HART bus fleet pages. I’ve also updated information throughout the HART section; including transfer center information, fares, holiday service schedule, and routes. A routes page for PSTA has also been created, and several more pages will be added to the PSTA section during the course of this month.

Planned Updates for November

Below is a running list of goals that I aim to complete for my year-end website update:

  • Updating of the HART section.
    • Adding photos to the Marion St Transitway subsection.
    • The continuation of updating of links to the HART website.
    • Adding photos the the TECOline Streetcar page that I took during the 2015 Streetcar Fest.
    • Route listing update to coincide with the December, 2015 service changes.
  • Continuing expansion of the PSTA section.
    • Completing the main page with practical and historical information.
    • Adding sections for the PSTA Flex Connector and Trolleys.
  • Continuing expansion of the MCAT section.
    • Completing the main page with practical and historical information.
    • Route listing update.
    • Adding bus fleet photos from my contributor, Carlos A.
  • Continuing expansion of the SCAT section.
    • Completing the main page with practical and historical information.
    • Adding a route listing page.
    • Adding bus fleet photos from my contributor, Carlos A.
  • Updating of the Tampa International Airport section.
    • Addition of new photos.
    • Update on the expansion project.
    • New blog post on a possible TPA-SFO non-stop.
  • BONUS (if I have the opportunity).
    • Updating of the Northern Tampa Bay section (if I can take photos of the PCPT and Hernando THEbus buses).
    • Completion of the StarMetro Tallahassee section.

All of the above updates will help me focus on creating the necessary pages for my Metro Orlando/Daytona Beach sections during the course of January and February, 2016, as Carlos and I have new photos of LYNX (Metro Orlando) and Votran (Volusia County).

Upcoming Planned Blog Posts

By the end of this week

Veterans Day Holiday Transit Service Schedule

Go Hillsborough Update (whatever comes out of the November 5 Hillsborough TED PLG meeting)

Remainder of November

Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Transit Service Schedule

Friday Rewind – My experience in Pinellas County so far


How far can Tampa Bay get with ferries and commuter rail?

Christmas/New Year’s Holiday Transit Service Schedule

Year-End Transit Roundup

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