August Updates and Posts to come…

Beginning later this month, and going into September, I am planning the following blog posts and website updates:

Blog Posts

  • PSTA Adventures – Episode 1: If you happened to follow today’s social media activities; yes, I took a ride along the PSTA bus system with two others. I plan to have the full post up towards the end of August.
  • Transit 101 – Restart: My Transit 101 blog series will restart towards the end of August or early September.
  • SunRail – Restart: I only managed to publish one blog post regarding my experience on SunRail last year. Hopefully I can begin to complete the series in September.
  • Plus important updates, including service changes, on HART, PSTA, and other transit agencies.

Website Updates

  • August Transit Ridership Summary: My Transit Ridership Summary table will receive a much-needed update during the month of August.
  • Seasonal Refresh of the HART bus pages: I am planning to give my HART bus pages a fresh new look during the month of August.
  • Intercity bus service providers in Tampa Bay and Metro Orlando: The first phase of my planned Intercity Bus Services page will provide practical information on where you can catch Greyhound, RedCoach, and Megabus in the Tampa Bay and Metro Orlando areas. I hope to have this page up by the end of September.
  • Completion of base PSTA content pages: This will be by far the largest of the updates, spanning August, September, and possibly October. These additions will include an overview of PSTA services, a comprehensive bus route list, bus fleet pages with photos, and practical information such as current fares.

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