Transit Ridership Summary updated with November, 2014 figures

Note: November ridership figures for Hampton Roads Transit are currently unavailable.

The Transit Ridership Summary table has been updated with November, 2014 figures! If you’re new to my site, this table can be accessed and downloaded through Dropbox. Don’t have a Dropbox account? Not a problem! Anyone can access and download this file. Even then, Dropbox provides a free “basic” service for you to upload and share files to.

For those of you who may have missed my original post, I am now listing ridership figures on an Excel spreadsheet, as opposed to creating a detailed blog post every month with figures. Please note that since I am publishing figures for three transit agencies, HART, PSTA, and HRT, that there may be a delay in posting, since each agency releases ridership figures at different times.

I’ve learned that HART is usually ahead of PSTA and HRT in compiling and posting their ridership stats from the previous month. Usually, their previous month’s ridership is ready by the end of the current month, and published to the next month’s board meeting agenda. So in this instance, November’s numbers were compiled during early December, ready for posting in late December, and recorded in the January, 2015 meeting agenda. December’s numbers in detail will be recorded in February, 2015’s meeting agenda.

 PSTA is sorta in the middle, but partly because their board meetings are held towards the middle or end of the month. HRT is pretty much the same way, with their board meetings typically held towards the end of the month. With HRT however, they can easily, and often do, fall behind in publishing ridership reports. Thus, HRT’s ridership figures aren’t often available for about two months after the fact. As of this post’s publishing, HRT is still showing October figures on their website. Hopefully by the end of January, they will be posting November’s stats.

As always, these ridership figures are obtained from publicly accessible sources, such as board meeting packets, and cannot be considered as copyrighted or proprietary.

Access the May – November Transit Ridership Summary

Ridership remains strong for HART and PSTA, but are down from October

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, transit ridership often fluctuates. For some reason, November seemed to be a down month for both HART and PSTA. HART’s November ridership was down 17.5% from the previous month (October), and PSTA’s November ridership was down 14.4% from October. In comparison to how these numbers fared against November, 2013; HART was up by 0.4% (against 1,220,890 from November, 2013) and PSTA was up by 0.6% (against 1,148,421 from November, 2013).

December shows strong ridership for HART

HART has already blogged about December’s numbers, and so far…things are showing pretty strong. 1,272,735 customers boarded the HART system, which is 5.7% (or 69,006 more customers) more than December, 2013. MetroRapid alone saw 49,584 customers, which is up 8.3% from November, 2013. The modified Route 46 through Brandon continues to see gains in ridership as well, up 140.5% over November, 2013, when the route still served Davis Island and did not have midday service that was restored in March, 2014. And all this while gas prices are at their lowest levels in six years! And they continue to fall!

“Just as our current passengers are using our service more, we continue to attract new passengers with service and amenities that are increasingly relevant and attractive. Public transit in Hillsborough County continues to improve, and I encourage people who haven’t been on a bus lately to give it a try” – HART CEO Katharine Eagan

So look out for more awesome ridership numbers as we head into February!

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