HART On Franklin Ticket Office – Part 1

For many years, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) has had a small ticketing and customer service office along a storefront on Franklin St in downtown Tampa, near the Tampa Police Department building. Officially called HART on Franklin this office primarily caters to downtown workers who utilize transit to get to and from work. The office sells passes and has staff on hand to answer questions and concerns. The office also offers Bikes on Buses training for first-time riders who want to bring their bikes along.

Because HART did not publish a blog post for their March, 2014 ridership numbers, I had to resort to their board meeting packet for their May 5, 2014 meeting. I noticed on Page 142 of the document that HART is looking to relocate the existing Franklin St ticketing office to the first floor of the Tampa Municipal Office building. This is mainly due to the more centralized location of the municipal office building, compared to ticket office’s current location. If you to look at a map, it may not seem very much in distance. However, I’ve personally have walked by the current office and believe me, it can be difficult to spot the office.

The meeting packet also mentioned that further details will be provided at the upcoming HART Finance, Governance, and Administration Committee meeting (which will be later this month). So at that point, I’ll have more details to report on this possible move. Stay tuned!

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