No website activities from 12/21/13 through 12/25/13.

In observance of the Christmas holiday, and to spend some time with family, there will be no blog posts or social media activity from Saturday, 12/21 through Wednesday, 12/25. Activity will resume on Thursday, 12/26.

Here’s a glimpse of what will come just before New Year’s!

  • Thursday, 12/26: PSTA to try out Wi-Fi onboard buses.
  • Friday, 12/27: December Friday Rewind.
  • Saturday, 12/28: Transit 101 – Episode 1
  • Sunday, 12/29: TBA
  • Monday, 12/30: Late December Public Transit Roundup/Norfolk Transit Tourism – Part 3
  • Tuesday, 12/31: Year-End Public Transit Roundup – 2 Parts (2nd part will be dedicated to transit happenings in New York City)

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! Be safe! 😀

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Blogging about public transit in Tampa, FL, Norfolk, VA, and beyond!

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