Site updates for the week of May 27, 2013

This week, I’ve been making a few updates to the Welcome, About, Projects, and Transit Focus Pages sections of the site. This is mainly to make things more clear on each page, and to prepare for the upcoming migration of the remaining pages of my Tampa Bay portal. Please be patient during this week, and the next few weeks, as there will be a lot of shuffling going on. Thanks!

Here are some posts that I’m working on during the course of the next few weeks.

  • The Infrastructure Funding Debate: After last week’s Interstate 5 bridge collapse in Washington State, I really have to wonder just how far has our federal government come to make a serious investment in our nation’s aging infrastructure. With this incident in mind, it really doesn’t seem that a lot has been done.
  • Transit Staycations – Sarasota, FL: I originally was going to make this post earlier this month, but due to unforseen circumstances, this post will likely be published during the month of June. I’m still not letting the cat out of the bag when it comes to exactly what landmark I’m going to talk about, but I’ll at least mention the name of the city that the landmark is in.
  • 2014 = Regional Transit Vote: With Pinellas County gearing up for a transit referendum vote during the November, 2014 elections, pressure is mounting on elected officials in neighboring Hillsborough County to put a similar measure on the November, 2014 ballot too. I’ll go through why it is so crucial to make the November, 2014 transit vote a Regional Vote for transit improvements in Tampa Bay.
  • Transit Tourism – Norfolk, VA – Part 2: In my second installment of my transit travels through Norfolk, VA, I’ll be going through my experience riding the city’s bus and LRT lines. I’ll also go highlight what’s in store for Hampton Roads Transit.
  • Norfolk Fantasy Subway – Parts 5 and 6: Parts 5 of my Norfolk, VA fantasy subway project will profile subway Lines 7, 8, and 9, while Part 6 will go through LRT (Tramway) Line 1.

Plus; Updates on HART MetroRapid, the New York City Subway, the Paris Metro, and my May Friday Rewind post.


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