5th Anniversary Awesomeness!

Five years ago today, I started the Tampa Transit Utopia Blog and launched what would be the basis of my website today. I would first like to take a moment to thank all of my followers, including those at SkyScraperCity (you know who you are). Secondly, I want to announce that I will begin building up my pages for Hampton Roads and New York City in the next few weeks. You may have noticed in recent weeks, several updates that are aimed at building the foundation for these two pages. Once I’m done building the foundation for those pages, I’ll then continue migrating my Tampa transit content to their new pages. Finally, I am wanting to provide you with an update to some posts I’ve been planning. I know I’m behind on getting my Paris Metro Line 4 post up, it is coming…but things are taking longer than expected in terms of getting the drafts polished.

And by the way; for those of you keeping track of those daily ridership numbers for Hampton Roads Transit…keep your eyes peeled. There’s much more to come soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Published by hartride2012tampa

Blogging about public transportation in Florida & beyond.

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