We’ve moved to WordPress!

This is my first post in a while. But just to give an update to everyone, I am shifting my blog from the Blogger interface to the WordPress interface. Why? Because I’ve become interested in seeing all of the features that WordPress has to offer. Plus, I am reformatting my blog to cover other projects that I will be working on after I’ve graduated from college. I want to be able to have one place to blog about everything I’m doing, not just with the websites, but also my other projects.

What are these “other projects” you ask? The main project I’m working on is the Mushroom Kingdom Fantasy Transport System, for all you Mario Bros fans out there. I’ve been a long time fan to the Mario franchise and I’ve always asked myself, “What if the Mushroom Kingdom was thrusted into the modern age?” I will showcase the various modes of transport, as well as what Toad Town, Peach’s Castle, and other areas may look like if they all existed in real life, in the present time.

Another project of mine centers on Wikipedia (you can find me on Wikipedia via username: wslupecki). What I am doing on Wikipedia involves updating all of the Wiki pages for the various Paris Metro (subway) lines and rolling stock. These updates will bring the English language versions of these pages to be more in line with their French language counterparts, which often contain more information than the English pages.

In addition to these projects, and possibly others in the future, I am also going to be completely revamping the existing Tampa Bay Transit website (and Europe Transit by HARTride 2012), opening the New York City transit pages (hopefully by October, 2012), and prepare for my Hampton Roads transit pages (I plan to launch this series in 2013).

Please know that with our presence here on WordPress, my existing blog on Blogger will close on September 30, 2012. No new posts will be made on that blog from this point forward.

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Blogging about public transit in Tampa, FL, Norfolk, VA, and beyond!

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