PSTA website improvements/HART projects update

During the past couple of weeks, quite a bit has happened transit-wise in Tampa Bay.

First, the big news. Several HART projects are one step closer to becoming reality.
*TECOline Streetcar Extension: HART has awarded a contractor (Kimmins Contracting Corp) to design and build the extension from the Dick Greco Plaza to Whiting Street.
*TIA Intermodal Facility Approved: The HART Board of Directors approved a plan for an intermodal facility to be constructed on the premises of Tampa International Airport this past week. The facility will allow seamless integration and transfer for current and future HART & PSTA bus routes, as well as a future connection to Tampa’s proposed light rail system.

Now, to the minor notes. PSTA has improved its website with an interface for the Google Maps Transit Planner, located on the homepage. This recent addition now adds PSTA to the list of available transit agencies by which people can plan out their trips through select metropolitan areas via public transit. HART joined the mix in 2007.

During the next several weeks and months, you will be able to interact with Google Maps in Pinellas County in the same fashion as you would in Hillsborough County. When you zoom the map to street level, you will be able to view departure times for each bus stop in the PSTA system.

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