HART’s BRT is moving forward

It looks like all lights are green for HART’s BRT…

From GoHART.org

HART Goes Rapid

Bus Rapid Transit is Coming to Tampa

Bus Rapid Transit – it’s the next step in transit for Tampa Bay, and it’s coming soon!
What is brt?

Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, helps to improve travel along selected service corridors with enhancements that increase the speed of transit, improve service reliability and make it easier for people to use transit.

The improvements typically include bus preferential treatments (traffic signal priority, off-vehicle ticket vending machines), enhanced passenger stations (shelters, real-time passenger information), and special low-floor buses.

HART’s BRT system will feature fewer stops, high frequency and advanced technology to help travelers get to their destinations quickly and conveniently.

How will it work?

• Limited stops, 10-minute frequency, and advanced technology will speed travel time
• Sleek new vehicles offer a comfortable ride for passengers and drivers
• New, modern station stops
• Signal prioritization – holding green lights, shortening red lights to give buses priority travel
• Ticket Vending Machines at some station stops to speed boarding

• Real-time displays will allow travelers to know exactly when the next bus will be arriving at their station stop
what areas will brt serve?

The first phase of BRT is being funded by Hillsborough County’s Transportation Task Force funding and will operate in the I-275 North to South Corridor – Nebraska Avenue from downtown Tampa then east along Fletcher Avenue to the vicinity of Telecom Park (west of I-75). A new park and ride facility is planned in the Fletcher Avenue/I-75 area. The North-South BRT line is expected to begin operation in 2011.

The second BRT line will be an east-west route, connecting Tampa International Airport, the Westshore Business District and HART’s Netpark bus transfer center at Hillsborough Avenue and 56th Street, with connections to the North-South line at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. HART is currently seeking federal funding for this phase.

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2 thoughts on “HART’s BRT is moving forward

  1. I like the Real Time displays ideas. I think a lot of the reason people don't like riding the bus is that they don't like the mystery of when the next bus will arrive. If these schedules were available and constantly updated, it would make a lot more people comfortable with the idea of public transportation.

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