PSTA to obtain new hybrid buses

As if PSTA already has awesome buses (both Gilligs and New Flyers), things are about to get even better! According to this PDF newsletter from a few months back, PSTA is slated to purchase 10 new hybrid buses. Three of these buses will be of the BRT style, similar to SCAT’s hybrid fleet, while the remaining seven buses will be trolley style, to run on the Suncoast Beach Trolley Line. You can begin seeing these buses in the PSTA fleet next year.

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One thought on “PSTA to obtain new hybrid buses

  1. Being a daily user of the PSTA, I can't wait to see them! I know what the BRT design looks like, its the same that LYNX, HART Commuter Express(HART), and SCAT use. I wonder if the route 60 will see these buses on them. As it will be a treat to ride in them. The new incoming administration might persuade them to get more, if the run well, and they get a substantial amount in the new stimulus package.

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