New Story Project – Tampa Bay of the Future

You may be reading the title of this post, but that’s not what I’m calling this story. In fact, right now, the story doesn’t have a name – not even a working title. However, I feel that I have put together enough details to be able to bring forth some basic information about the project to my readers.

What is this story about?

Nathan Tipton – the main character of the story. Note: All of my characters are created in The Sims 4.

First and foremost, this is purely a work of fiction. While it does take place in a real life area, the characters, venues, and many other elements of the story are all fictional, and all of my own creation. There will be some references to present-day events, places, and public figures, but all are done so coincidentally.

The story takes place in the Tampa Bay Area, but primarily St. Petersburg – all set in the year 2066 (later going into 2067). There won’t be flying cars (I don’t see that we’ll be in the Jetsons age that quickly), but vehicles will be automated and a key roadway that many use today won’t be in existence. There will also be a vast bus and monorail system involved, as well as a built-out Brightline intercity rail system, and a wide array of areas for people to take a breath of fresh air at (also known as parks).

The story revolves around a young man named Nathan Tipton. He is a police officer in San Francisco who winds up moving to St. Petersburg with his mom and younger brother (the latter who is also a police officer). While trying to get adjusted to his new life in Florida, he runs into some old friends and adversaries while trying to make new friends and find his forever soulmate. Throughout the story, Nate also encounters a variety of situations with some being harder to deal with than others.

As I continue to put this story together, I will post subsequent updates regarding the characters, venues, and the overall area by which the story takes place in. I don’t want to reveal too much more about the plot so as to not spoil everything.

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Air Base Mayhem FanFiction Story – Part 1

Hi everyone!

As I’ve mentioned through my Projects page, I am working on a few fanfiction stories in the FanFiction.Net website. One of those stories revolves around one of my favorite Nintendo 64 video games, Perfect Dark. This story, titled Air Base Mayhem, describes the lives of several staff members who work in the air base facility that is depicted in the game as one of Joanna Dark’s missions. The first part of the story is like a soap opera, depicting the everyday lives of each of the staff members. I hope to be able to complete the first part sometime towards the end of 2013, and then begin the second part, which will go through what happens to each of the staff members when Joanna shuts down the base’s security system (which is an objective in the actual mission). Some characters will eventually be killed off, but I will not say right now which ones will remain through the end of the series.

For now, I have rewritten Chapter 1 and am currently working on Chapter 2. I do appreciate any and all comments in regards to this story, but please…no flaming. Any comments that I see as inappropriate will be flagged for removal immediately.

Warmest Regards;

HARTride 2012