New Story Project – Tampa Bay of the Future

You may be reading the title of this post, but that’s not what I’m calling this story. In fact, right now, the story doesn’t have a name – not even a working title. However, I feel that I have put together enough details to be able to bring forth some basic information about the projectContinue reading “New Story Project – Tampa Bay of the Future”

Air Base Mayhem FanFiction Story – Part 1

Hi everyone! As I’ve mentioned through my Projects page, I am working on a few fanfiction stories in the FanFiction.Net website. One of those stories revolves around one of my favorite Nintendo 64 video games, Perfect Dark. This story, titled Air Base Mayhem, describes the lives of several staff members who work in the air base facility thatContinue reading “Air Base Mayhem FanFiction Story – Part 1”