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Summer 2021 | Volume I | Issue I

In this Issue

  • Florida Transit Service Updates.
  • Fare Collection Returns to PSTA/Flamingo Fares Update.
  • 4th of July Holiday Transit Services.
  • Watching Elsa.
  • Upcoming Social Media Changes.

Florida Transit Service Updates

Many Florida transit agencies have enacted service modifications for the summer months.

While most agencies have returned to normal (pre-Covid) levels of service, some are still operating with modified or reduced schedules due to staffing &/or fleet issues. We’ll briefly highlight which agencies have gone back to normal service & which ones are still operating at reduced levels. Please visit the respective transit agency’s website for current schedule information.

  • Normal Service
    • PSTA (St. Petersburg/
    • MCAT (Bradenton)
    • Palm Tran (Palm Beach)
    • Key West
    • Space Coast
    • RTS (Gainesville)
    • CAT (Naples)
    • LYNX (Orlando)
    • Votran (Daytona Beach)
  • Modified or Reduced Service
    • HART (Tampa)*
    • JTA (Jacksonville)*
    • Miami-Dade DTPW (Miami)
    • BCT (Ft. Lauderdale)*
    • SCAT (Sarasota)*
    • StarMetro (Tallahassee)
    • LeeTran (Ft Myers)*
    • PCPT (Pasco)
    • Citrus Connection (Polk County)**

Additional things to know:
* Agency is operating a reduced schedule at this time.
** Citrus Connection is operating as much service as possible, but will have to routinely cancel some runs.
LYNX (Orlando) will hold its next round of service modifications in August.
Miami-Dade DTPW, PCPT, & StarMetro have restored some degree of normal service, but modifications/reductions remain for some services & routes.
Not all agencies in Florida are listed above. Please check with your respective agency if it isn’t listed above.

Fare Collection Returns to PSTA

PSTA will also join the full Flamingo Fares program & phase out current fare media

If you’ve rode the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) system during the past year, you will know that fare collection was suspended due to Covid-19. Beginning on Monday, July 5 however, fare collection will return. Additionally, the Flamingo Fares contactless fare collection program will officially expand to the PSTA system in its full form. During the past several years, the agency has been administering a test version of the program alongside Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART). HART implemented the full form of Flamingo Fares back in January & this month – will phase out use of its previous fare media. For PSTA customers that still have current (non-activated) fare media, they will be valid through the end of the year.

Below is a quick reference chart of both HART & PSTA fares using Flamingo. Please note that for the months of July & August, customers can ride the PSTA system using Flamingo for FREE.

Local & Limited Express$2.00$2.25
Reduced Local & Limited Express$1.00$1.10
Regional Express (One-Way)
Monthly pass for both agencies is $85.00
Flex Service$1.00
NEW CARD FEE – $3.00
Min. balance requirement (except at some transit centers): $5.00

Visit to learn more about the program & where to purchase your card.

4th of July Transit Holiday Services

Even though Independence Day falls on a Sunday this year, the holiday is observed the following Monday – July 5. Most transit agencies in Florida will operate their respective Sunday schedules, with no transit services for those agencies that have opted not to operate on the holiday. For the 5th, most agencies will operate their respective weekday schedules. For those agencies that aren’t operating on the 4th, they may also not operate service on the 5th. Please check with your respective transit agency for details.

Some agencies, such as HART, will run special service to help supplement Independence Day fireworks celebrations. Please check with your respective transit agency to see if they are operating any special services.

Watching Elsa

And no, we don’t mean the Disney character (though you’ll find a lot of folks posting memes online). Elsa is currently a hurricane that is traversing the eastern Caribbean & is currently tracked to possibly impact Florida following the holiday. Please stay tuned to local media outlets for the latest information on the storm & be sure that you have all your supplies ready. We will provide transit service updates along impacted areas as they become available.

Need to get to a county hurricane shelter but have no way to get there? Remember that while transit agencies have plans in place to get people to & from shelters before & after a storm, those with special needs will need to make sure they’ve registered with their respective county in advance. Please take this time to make sure all your hurricane plans are in place & read more as to what protocols your respective transit agency will take before & after a storm. Once a storm impacts an area & sustained winds have reached 35mph, transit agencies will be required to remove all vehicles from service.

Upcoming Social Media Changes

Later this year, I will be making the following changes to my social media channels.

  • No changes will be made for the time being for the GTG Facebook Page & Twitter Feed. However, I am considering the possibility of retiring my Twitter Feed at the end of the year due to lower usage of Twitter itself.
  • I will be resume making YouTube videos in the coming months.
  • I am currently planning opening a Discord Server, which will be used for a mix of transit-related & non-transit-related content.

Please be sure to bookmark my website: | Contact Me.

You can also find me on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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