MLK 2019 Holiday Transit Schedules

“I have a dream…”

Monday, January 21, 2019 is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, where we take a moment to celebrate the life and achievements of the famed Civil Rights leader. Unlike most Federal holidays, where transit services are typically limited to weekend-level services, most transit districts (such as HART & PSTA) tend to operate on a typical weekday schedule on MLK Day. Some smaller districts however may operate on a Saturday schedule or not operate at all. Please see the subsection below for agencies that will not operate.

Transit agencies not operating

Pasco County Transit, Hernando THEbus, Citrus County Transit, Polk Citrus Connection, & SunRail will not be operating on MLK Day. Because Polk Citrus Connection will not have service, LYNX will not operate Routes 416 & 427. Because SunRail will not have service, Votran will not operate Routes 31, 32, & 33 (though in past years, the agency decided to run them anyways). StarMetro & Hampton Roads Transit will operate a Saturday schedule. Gainesville RTS will operate a special holiday schedule.

For transit agencies not listed above, they will likely be operating a normal weekday schedule. If you are unsure though, please contact your respective agency directly – especially if you don’t see it listed in this post.


While I’ve done my best to ensure accuracy, the listed information ultimately comes from the transit agencies themselves. If you spot an error, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can correct it.

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