Labor Day 2016 Holiday Transit Schedule

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Monday, September 5, 2015 is Labor Day and many transit agencies will be running limited service, with some agencies not operating at all. As always, please see the listing below to see what level of service that each transit district will operate.

Service Schedule Status

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 7 - FL-VA

Service Exceptions and Notes

Some trolleybus routes (Pinellas County) may operate on a schedule other than a Sunday schedule. Please check for details.

Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT) bus routes will not operate, except for the Anna Maria and Beach Express Trolleys. Schedules can be obtained at

Votran Routes 1, 3, 4, 10, 15, & 17 will operate on a normal Sunday schedule. Routes 20, 21, & 23 will operate on a special Holiday schedule with 60 minute headways on Route 23, and two hour headways on Routes 20 & 21. All other routes – including Routes 31, 32, & 33 – will not operate. Schedules can be obtained at

Labor Day will be the final day of 2016 service for Virginia Beach WAVE (HRT) Routes 31 & 32. Route 30 will operate on a reduced schedule (with buses departing roughly every 30 to 40 minutes) until September 30, 2016.

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 8 - NY-IL

Service Exceptions and Notes

NYCMTA Website

NY/NJ PATH Website

Chicago CTA Website

PACE Website (Chicago area suburban bus services)

Metra Website (Chicago area Commuter Rail services)

Customer Service

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 9 - Cust Serv 1

July 4 Holiday Transit Schedules Banner 9 - Cust Serv 2

Additional Notes

Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) are available throughout the following locations for customer convenience.

  • HART (Tampa, FL): All major transit centers.
  • HRT (Norfolk/Hampton, VA): Along the Tide LRT corridor in Norfolk, as well as at HRT transit centers, the High St Ferry station, and at select (summer) locations along the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Normal Transit Service Resumption

Regular weekday transit services will resume on Tuesday, September 6, 2016


All information in this post have been compiled from the websites and social media channels of the respective transit agencies listed above. Ultimately, the agencies themselves are responsible for the accuracy of information that I’ve gathered. However, if you notice something that I’ve written that doesn’t match what the agency has posted (mistakes do happen, we’re all human), please let me know right away so that I can correct the information. Thank you.

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