HRT: Why do you hate me so?

This is one issue that can make or break a transit rider real quick. Imagine after many years of being a loyal transit rider, that you are suddenly faced with being banned from your transit agency’s facilities over an accusation that has yet to be justified? Well that is exactly what has happened to one transit rider in the Hampton Roads, VA region; he was banned in 2012 from entering Hampton Roads Transit (HRT)’s administrative offices in Norfolk and Hampton. HRT alleges wrongdoing against the rider, but the agency has never showed him any sort of proof that would justify the wrongdoing. Please take a few moments to read through his post and tell us what you think.

Ideas from the Bus Rider

So over the past week: I’ve been mulling over the attitude problem that Hampton Roads Transit has with me. Apparently, someone in the Ivory Towers (3400 Victoria Blvd and 509 E. 18th St) has something against me. Very much so that they got me Administratively Banned from the administration buildings, for reasons that Hampton Roads Transit vehemently refuses to show proof of. This was back in 2012.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Ribbon Cutting for the new Downtown Norfolk Transportation Center held Friday of last week. I arrive in time to get a decent seat, or at least that was the plan when I was suddenly confronted by “security” who reminded me of the Administrative Ban from the bus garages. However, HRT suddenly decided that the new Downtown Norfolk Transportation Center was suddenly included (even though it is city property, and the City of Norfolk has no quarrel with…

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