Trolling at Go Hillsborough


As the Go Hillsborough public outreach process continues, out have come the trolls on the official Facebook page. Yep, you heard right…trolls, and many of them too. In fact, though I am not naming anyone specific, these are the same trolls that consistently trashed PSTA’s Greenlight Pinellas Facebook page last year. These are also the same trolls who support No Tax For Tracks, and who do not want the rest of us to have any transportation choices.

It’s bad enough trying to get a discussion back on track due to these trolls, but try to simply acknowledge that you disagree with their point of view, and that’s when the insults start flying. These trolls often love to insult voter intelligence and will stop at nothing to make you think that they’re right and we’re wrong. Pitiful and childish name calling quickly becomes the Plan B for many of these trolls, and it really is sickening to see then stoop so low to get what they want.

The point of this post today, the folks at Go Hillsborough need to make it clear that such trolling won’t be tolerated. Put these trolls on a very short leash and discourage them from derailing the conversation on transportation choices. If the trolls ignore the warnings, ban them immediately. We cannot afford to have another meaningful discussion on transportation be sidetracked by those who have made it known to us that they only want what suits them, even if what they (the trolls) want causes the rest of us to suffer.

One thought on “Trolling at Go Hillsborough

  • According to US Census studies of Hillsborough County:

    Workers 16 years and over 577,297
    Car, truck, or van — drove alone 461,778 80.0%
    Car, truck, or van — carpooled 55,266 9.6%
    Public transportation (excluding taxicab) 8,770 1.5%
    Walked 9,595 1.7%
    Other means 11,406 2.0%
    Worked at home 30,482 5.3%

    Mean travel time to work (minutes) 25.7

    90% of workers in Hillsborough County choose the freedom of driving their cars and trucks to work.
    Their average commute time is 26 minutes.
    90% of the money raised from any tax increase should be used to maintain and upgrade the roads.

    Less than 2% of any population depends on public transit in any city other than the large, high density cities (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, DC)

    “…….the trends of the past 10 years indicate virtually no retrenchment in automobile orientation, as major metropolitan areas rose from 84 percent suburban and exurban in 2000 to 86 percent in 2010. This is despite unprecedented increases is gasoline prices and the disruption of the housing market during worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

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