Tampa International Airport rolls out redesigned website (beta mode)

If you haven’t noticed in recent weeks, Tampa International Airport has unveiled a beta version of its newly redesigned website!

TPA Airport New Website 1
Snapshot of the new TPA AIrport website, currently in beta mode. Snapshot taken by HARTride 2012 on 12/15/14.

The new website features a modern, yet streamlined designed that enables passengers to get the information they need…fast! On the upper, right-hand corner, the “Flight Status” area is visible immediately, allowing passengers to check the status of their flight within seconds. You can also easily access terminal maps, parking and ground transportation information, and airport amenities! Additionally, there are comprehensive Travel Guides available to make your journey to and from TPA Airport much easier, regardless if you’re on a flight, picking up or dropping off someone, or needing information on Accessibility Services and international flights.

I personally invite you to check out the new airport site and see for yourself as to just how convenient it really is! Then, compare the new site to the current/old site and see what differences there are. And if you happen to run into any problems, you can easily fill out the online form in the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the web page (in the blue section containing “Popular” links). This will send an email inquiry to the airport authority staff.

Meanwhile, be sure to keep your eyes on my Tampa International Airport Information section, which will be periodically updated with information regarding the airport’s ongoing modernization and expansion project.

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