New Blogging Series Coming in December! Transit 101!

Before I go on a brief blogging hiatus for the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to let my readers know of a new blog post series that I will be starting up in December, called Transit 101!

The Transit 101 series will be dedicated to new public transit customers and will provide helpful tips to make your public transit commute better! Such topics will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • How to ride the bus/train
  • Understanding transit fares
  • Understanding bus/train schedules
  • Bikes on Transit
  • Travel Training Programs (many transit districts provide travel training programs to assist new customers in becoming familiar with riding transit)
  • Transit terms (every transit district is different in the way they classify routes, services, etc.)
  • Lost and Found
  • Safety and Security
  • And much, much, more!

Each post will have a general overview as to what the said topic is about. Then I’ll go over how the topic relates to public transit as a whole. If there are differences between how each transit district does things, I will then distinguish each district’s policies and procedures on the matter being discussed. Additionally, I’ll have a page set up with links to various computer and mobile transit apps, like OneBusAway!

I plan on publishing my first Transit 101 series post on Tuesday, December 2, 2013! After the initial post, I plan on posting a new topic each week as time allows. If you have an idea for a Transit 101 post, please let me know through the Contact Page!

With that said, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday! Be safe!

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