High Speed Rail could be doomed…..again….

I was truly hoping that the federal stimulus would be able to bring high speed rail, or at least something close to it, to Florida. Unfortunately, this article from the Lakeland Ledger pretty much sums up the gloomy future….

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In other words, high speed rail in Florida is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, and not by a long shot. If Florida gets ANY funding towards rail from the stimulus, the best thing that could happen is a shared passenger rail line from Tampa to Orlando, and maybe down to Miami. That’s right, just the same ol’ rail line that is currently used by CSX, which then brings up the liability issue and yada, yada. So in conclusion, we’re back to square one….hoping that Pam Iorio will be able to bring light rail to Tampa to alas, spark passenger rail transit in Florida.

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2 thoughts on “High Speed Rail could be doomed…..again….

  1. This was obviously going to happen. As much rail demand as there is here, very few make it known and even fewer continually push for it. Furthermore, the urban sprawl between florida districts doesn't help.

    I gave up on public transportation in tampa as soon as I realized that my children's children would never see it, let alone me.

  2. I believe that any passenger train running over a freight line's rail is required to blow its horn at every crossing.

    This has been a problem in Portland's TRIMET WES line system. The locals are really bellyaching about the noise.

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