Are you kidding me?

It seems that the push to improve mass transit through Obama’s proposed stimulus plan is gaining zero momentum. According to several recent articles, most of the planned projects going towards this package here in Florida are nothing more than construction of new highways, overhaul of existing highways, and minor civic, lighting, and landscaping improvements (such as installing new traffic signals).

Get a read on these two stories first, then you’ll know what I mean:

Story 1
Story 2

Now I’m wondering, why on earth is this happening? There is very little, if any push for any mass transit improvements in Florida according to the current plans. I believe that our government wants to continue living in the past while other cities like Dallas continue to soar right past us in building their transit systems of the future. Yet the government’s claim is “oh, well Obama wants these things ready to go ASAP” Okay, I understand that part. But that doesn’t mean that our government can get lazy and just say “oh well, all we can do right now are road improvements…..DONE!”

No, this is not done, we must make our voices clear that we want mass transit improvements, including rail NOW! I am calling to all readers to PLEASE! PLEASE! contact their elected officials and say “We don’t want a bunch of road improvements! We want mass transit expansion NOW!”

Otherwise, we’ll have this……
Step right up to the biggest show in town! Our 20-laned freeway system!

Guaranteed to make you over two hours late for work or your next appointment!

What’s that? You don’t want to pay $20 for tolls? Don’t want to spend $50 on bus fares? Well, then this is your place to do all your commuting! Come join us!

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