SunRunner Customer Information

SunRunner Fares, Schedules, & Stops

Welcome to the SunRunner Customer Information page, where I will list information such as fares. Please keep in mind that all listed information is current as of 10/20/2022 & is subject to change.

Route & Stops

The SunRunner travels along 1st Ave N (westbound) & 1st Ave S (eastbound) from Downtown St. Petersburg to Pasadena Ave. Buses then travel down Pasadena Ave to the Corey Causeway to enter St. Pete Beach. Once in St. Pete Beach, buses travel along Gulf Blvd for a stretch before terminating at the county beach access at 4700 Gulf Blvd.

Along 1st Avenues & Pasadena Ave, buses travel in semi-dedicated lanes. These lanes are reserved for SunRunner buses, but general traffic is permitted to make turns onto side streets & businesses. Emergency vehicles & PSTA staff/maintenance vehicles are also permitted to enter the lanes when needed.

Customers may transfer to a variety of PSTA routes along the SunRunner corridor, including Routes 9, 14, 18, 34, 52, 52LX (weekdays), 79, 100X (weekdays), the Central Ave Trolley, & the Downtown St. Pete Looper Trolley. Additionally, customers may access the many shops, eateries, cultural & entertainment venues throughout Downtown St. Pete, the Central Ave corridor, & St. Pete Beach.


SunRunner service begins at about 6:00am each day & runs until about 12-midnight. Buses operate every 15 minutes from 6:00am until 8:00pm, then every 30 minutes thereafter until about 12-midnight. Customers can download the Transit App to track how far away their bus is & when it is predicted to arrive.


Until November, 2023, the SunRunner will be fare-free. This will allow PSTA to establish a retail network for businesses to sell Flamingo Fares smart cards & ensure that other contactless methods of payment (i.e. contactless bank cards) are working properly systemwide. Once the fare-free period ends, customers may use the Flamingo Fares smart cards or smart phone app to pay for their fare. No cash payments will be accepted.

SunRunner fares will follow the standard system-wide base fare of $2.25.

Additional information will be added after service launch.

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