Direct Connect & TD Late Shift

Get to or from a PSTA bus stop with ease!

Page was last updated On 06/06/2020.

Direct Connect & TD Late Shift continue to operate under Covid-19. Service times may be adjusted accordingly. Please visit the PSTA website for the latest information.

Direct Connect Program

Getting to and from the bus stop can be a challenge – especially if the stop is quite a distance away from your home, school, or place of employment. While many don’t mind walking or biking to and from the stop, there are circumstances (such as weather) where you probably won’t want to do that. And what about those who aren’t physically able to get to the bus stop? Those individuals are among many who decide that transit isn’t the way to go because they can’t find ways to get from their originating point to the bus stop and/or from the bus stop to their final destination. This is often times known as the “First-Mile, Last-Mile” gap, and it has long been a problem with many transit agencies.

In 2015, PSTA came up with an innovative solution to this problem called Direct Connect. Direct Connect allows riders to summon a taxi or rideshare vehicle for as low as $1.00 (regular bus fare is NOT INCLUDED). Participating partners include Uber, United Taxi, and Wheelchair Transport. Plans are also in the works for Lyft to join at a later date. To use the Direct Connect service, simply select the service partner you wish to use, then call or visit the partner’s website or app to make your reservation. You will need to make sure that you mention or enter the PSTA promotion code to receive the Direct Connect discount on your trip. Also, your origin or destination must be a designated PSTA stop within one of 8 zones within Pinellas County.

Current Direct Connect Service Providers

  • Uber
    1. Download the Uber App from the AppStore (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android)
    2. Set up your Uber account (first-time users)
    3. Enter your origin and destination (one of which must be a PSTA Direct Connect Stop)
    4. On the Payments tab, enter the promo code, UBER2PSTA
    5. Summon your Uber vehicle
  • United Taxi
    • Call (727)-777-777, or
    • Download the United Taxi App
  • Wheelchair Transport
    • Call (727)-586-2811, or
    • Visit
    • $25.00 discount will be applied to the trip
  • Lyft will be joining at a later date
  • Direct Connect services are available seven days a week between 6:00am and 11:00pm.

If you’re using Uber and you were able to follow the above steps, you should see something like this when entering a Direct Connect stop as either the origin or destination.

Your Uber app screen may show a “PSTA” option once the discount code has been entered. Be sure that the Direct Connect stop entry is correct, as the Direct Connect pick-up/drop-off must be within 800 feet of the location shown on the map.

If the “PSTA” option shows on your screen, tap it, then the black “Confirm” button will change to “Confirm PSTA”. Afterwards, confirm your pick and drop-off locations and summon your ride.

Current Direct Connect Stops and Zones

With the Phase III Expansion, ZONE BOUNDARIES HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED! Additionally, more stops have been added to the network, totaling 24, to allow customers a broader range of areas to access with less chances of having to “backtrack” on their trips. On 10/20/19, a 25th & 26th stop were added.

For complete instructions on how to summon your Direct Connect ride, stops, and current incentives for using the service, please visit PSTA’s website or call (727)-540-1900.

TD Late Shift Program

Driving upon the success of the initial Direct Connect program, PSTA obtained a state mobility grant in 2016 and launched the Transportation Disadvantaged (or TD) Late Shift program. This program provides up to a certain number of rides per month via Uber, United Taxi, or Care Ride to low income residents who are without transportation, who need to get to or from work during overnight hours when bus service is not available. Visit PSTA’s website for more information regarding the PSTA TD program, including Late Shift and qualification requirements.

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