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Page Updated on September 16, 2013.

I originally envisioned to open my New York City Transit as Told by HARTride 2012 site in May of 2011. However, I had to postpone the site’s opening to refocus on finishing my college education. Unfortunately; the site remains closed and unfinished to this day, and I have not been able to make a firm decision about the site’s future.

Until now that is…

In the Spring of 2014; I plan to make a fresh start on this site by putting all of the content here in WordPress. Once this section is complete, I will have the following:

  • New York City Subway
    • Overview
    • Lines & Stations
      • The IRT Lines
      • The BMT Lines
    • Travel Journal
      • 1997 journey along Line 7
      • 2011 journey along Lines 6, J, & Q
    • Construction and Projects
      • Line 7 Extension
      • 2nd Ave Line
    • Hurricane Sandy
      • South Ferry Station
  • New York City Bus
  • Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH)
  • Commuter Rail

Please note how I have each section color-coded:

  • The first-phase building (site foundation) includes an overview of the subway system. I plan to start building these pages sometime in February or March, 2014.
  • My Travel Journal section will be part of the second-phase building, where I will document my travels through the subway system. I plan on beginning this section sometime in the late spring of 2014.
  • The third-phase building will comprise of two parts: A more in-depth look at the NYC subway system and its two major construction projects; the Second Ave Subway Line and the Line 7 Extension. There will also be a special section regarding Hurricane Sandy and how the storm nearly brought the system to a screeching halt. I plan on beginning these sections in increments during the summer of 2014 (though possibly sooner).
  • Finally, I will have a fourth-phase, where I will go more in-depth on the bus and commuter rail systems that serve the New York City area, as well as the PATH subway system. I hope to start this final section during the winter 2014 months. I ask that you please be patient during this time.

Warmest Regards;

HARTride 2012

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