MCAT Transit Vehicle Fleet


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Here, I will profile each line of buses that MCAT currently operates, as well as those buses that are no longer in service. Because MCAT is a much smaller transit agency than HART, PSTA, and LYNX, all buses are listed on one page, whether they are in revenue service or not.

Revenue Service (Active) Buses

Gillig Phantom

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Just the name sounds haunting don’t it? Prior to 2009, the Gillig Phantom was the only bus type in revenue service in the MCAT fixed route system. Today, only a handful operate, as many transit agencies have gone with low floor transit buses. In 2009 as well, Gillig stopped producing the Phantom.

Gillig Low Floor


Today, much of MCAT’s fleet comprises of Gillig Low Floor buses, such as #59099 above. The low floor fleet is a mix of standard clean diesel models, diesel-electric hybrid BRT models, and clean diesel Trolley Replicas. The above photo is a 2015 model.

Gillig Low Floor BRT Hybrid


#55347 above is one of many Gillig Low Floor BRT Diesel-Electric Hybrid buses that were purchased in 2009. These buses are similar to the hybrids that the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) have, but the windows and seating arrangement are different. Notice the single piece windshield that is similar to the 2005 fleet from Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), not all transit agencies opt for the single windshield anymore.

Gillig Low Floor Replica Trolley


Also in 2009, MCAT purchased several Gillig Low Floor Replica Trolleys to run on its various trolley bus lines. Prior to these buses, MCAT ran replica trolleys that were likely manufactured by either Optima/Chance, Cable Car Concepts, Trolley Enterprises, or Supreme Corp.

Cutaway Vans

These vans are normally used for Paratransit (Handy Bus) service, but occasionally may be deployed as fill-in shuttles during special events or other circumstances.

#59090, a Ford E-450 Cutaway Van.
#59090, a Ford E-450 Cutaway Van.