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Page was last updated on 02/24/2019.

This route listing is current as of 02/24/2019.
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All System Routes

  • Route 1 – Palmetto/Ellenton: Ellenton Premium Outlets, Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex, Gamble Mansion, Palmetto Village, WalMart on 10th St E, Palmetto/Bradenton Fairgrounds, Palmetto High School, Palmetto Station, Downtown Palmetto, Downtown Bradenton Station.
  • Route 2 – East Bradenton: Downtown Bradenton Station, McKechnie Field (n.k.a. LECOM Park), DeSoto Station, Manasota Industrial Park, Manatee Glens, Michelle Bach Healthcare Center/Centerstone, Manatee County Department of Public Works, Red Barn Flea Market.
  • Route 3 – Manatee Ave: Holmes Beach, Palma Sola Causeway, Beachway Plaza, Westgate Plaza, South Florida Museum, Downtown Bradenton Station, Riverfront Rehab Center, Manatee Memorial Hospital, Manatee County Health Department, Carlton Arms, Braden River Plaza, Eden Pointe Apartments, Traveler’s Oasis (one-way loop before going westbound), WalMart on SR 64 (Westbound trips ONLY).
  • Route 4 – 9th Ave: Blake Hospital, GT Bray Park, Manatee High School, Downtown Bradenton Transfer Center, Tropicana Plant on 9th St SE, Avondale Apartments, WalMart on SR 70.
  • Route 6 – Cortez Rd: Coquina Beach, Bradenton Beach, Paradise Bay Plaza, Blake Hospital, WalMart on Cortez Rd, Cortez Plaza, DeSoto Station.
  • Route 8 – Oneco/Bayshore: DeSoto Station, Cortez Plaza, Southeast High School (Eastbound trips ONLY), Royal Palm 20 Theaters (Eastbound trips ONLY), WalMart on SR 70 (Eastbound trips ONLY), Presbyterian Villas.
  • Route 9 – 26th St W: Downtown Bradenton Station, Bayshore High School, State College of Florida.
  • Route 12 – State Rd 70: DeSoto Station, WalMart on 53rd Ave & US 301 (buses do not enter), MTC Parking Lot (Limited Trips), SR 70 @ Ranch Lake Blvd/87th St E.
  • Route 13 – Palmetto Circulator: Route operates mostly as a one-way circulator, please see the route map & schedule for details. Palmetto Station, Palmetto/Bradenton Fairgrounds, Palmetto High School, Palmetto Village, Bradenton/Manatee County Convention Center, Manatee School for the Performing Arts, WalMart on 10th St E, Washington Park, Downtown Bradenton Station.
  • Route 16 – 15th St E/Tallevast: Operates mostly in a one-directional loop through southern Bradenton and Tallevast – See map for details. DeSoto Mall Transfer Center, Park of Commerce, Saunders Industrial Park, Parkland Center, Whitfield Industrial Park, Goodwill Center on 15th St E, Bayshore Shopping Center, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport is only served on selected trips.
  • Route 99 – Bradenton/Sarasota Connector: Operated jointly by MCAT and SCAT. Both district’s buses are used along this route. Downtown Bradenton Station, McKechnie Field, DeSoto Station Center, Cortez Plaza, Bayshore High School, State College of Florida, Bayshore Shopping Center, US Hwy 41, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, Downtown Sarasota Transfer Center on Lemon St (SCAT bus services).
  • Route 201 – North County ConneXion: Palmetto Station, US Hwy 41, Rubonia, North Manatee Health Care Center, Palmetto/Bradenton Fairgrounds, Palmetto Village, Bradenton/Manatee County Convention Center, Manatee School for the Performing Arts, WalMart on 10th St E, Washington Park, Downtown Bradenton Station.
  • Route 203 – Skyway ConneXion: Operates weekdays only with limited stops. DeSoto Station, Downtown Bradenton Station, Palmetto Station, 34th St S @ 54th Ave S (transfer to PSTA Routes 11 & 34), 34th St S @ 1st Ave S (within walking distance of the PSTA Grand Central Station), Tyrone Blvd @ 68th St (Tyrone Square Mall),
    Bay Pines VA Medical Center (transfer to PSTA Route 18).
  • Anna Maria Trolley: Anna Maria Island City Pier, Holmes Beach, Bradenton Beach, Coquina Beach.
  • Beach Express Trolley: Operates Sundays & Holidays. WalMart on SR 64, Manatee Memorial Hospital, Downtown Bradenton, Palma Sola Causeway, Holmes Beach.
  • Longboat Key Shuttle: Reservation-based flex shuttle serving Longboat Key. More Information.

17 thoughts on “MCAT Bus Routes

    • Hello,

      I’m not sure of where you are traveling from. Is this within the vicinity of 44th Ave W and 14th St W (where US Hwy 41 meets with Business 41)? If so, you can take the MCAT Route 6 westbound from this intersection and that will take you to the hospital. The hospital is also served by Routes 3 and 4.

      You can obtain fare and schedule information at

  • Please I need help!
    I live in Palmetto by the Walmart and I work in downtown Sarasota at the judicial building on Ringling, I also have anxiety issues and I can’t find myself to drive anymore, Uber is getting to expensive for me and I want to know which route I should take to and from work I’m pretty sure is less than what I’m paying right now, can someone Please help me.

    • Hi Louis,

      I sincerely apologize for the late reply, as I did not see your comment until now. From the Palmetto region, Manatee County Area Transit routes 1 and 13 make alternating trips between the Palmetto Station on US Business 41 and the Downtown Bradenton Station. From there, you can connect to the joint MCAT/Sarasota County Area Transit Route 99 to Downtown Sarasota. Please keep in mind that these routes only operate Monday through Saturday and some holidays. There is no Sunday service on MCAT, except a couple of trolley routes.

      If you need assistance with trip planning, please contact MCAT at 941-642-3318 or SCAT at 941-861-5000. They can even help assist with whether you can qualify for Paratransit Service.

  • I live at Perico Bay Club on the Mantee Ave causeway just before the bridge to Anna Maria Island. I would like to travel along Manatee to and from the River Regatta next Saturday. I see that there are bus stops (route #3) on Manatee Ave within walking distance from my condo. Yet these do not show up on any of your maps. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Robert, I do apologize for the lack of information on this page. Everything is outdated and I haven’t been able to tend to the site in the manner that I want to due to personal obligations. I am planning an update soon though.

    • Hi Mazie,

      I sincerely apologize for the late reply, as I have been extremely busy with other obligations as of late.

      For route and schedule information, please visit the Manatee County Area Transit website, where you can locate the closest bus route to your location. Most routes operate on an hourly schedule with a few operating more frequently. All buses operate Monday through Saturday with the exception of a couple of trolley lines.

      Schedule and Maps page:

      HARTride 2012


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