HyperLink (First Mile, Last Mile)

Getting to and from the bus stop can be a challenge – especially if the stop is quite a distance away from your home, school, or place of employment. While many don’t mind walking or biking to and from the stop, there are circumstances (such as weather) where you probably won’t want to do that. And what about those who aren’t physically able to get to the bus stop? Those individuals are among many who decide that transit isn’t the way to go because they can’t find ways to get from their originating point to the bus stop and/or from the bus stop to their final destination. This is often times known as the “First-Mile, Last-Mile” gap, and it has long been a problem with many transit agencies.

In 2015, HART came up with an innovative solution to this problem called HyperLINK. HyperLINK operates similarly to Uber and Lyft but is operated through a partnership between HART and TransDev. HyperLINK allows riders to summon a vehicle for a flat $3.00 fee per ride (regular bus fare is NOT INCLUDED). To use the HyperLINK service, simply download the HyperLINK app to your smartphone (search HART Hyperlink in the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore). Once you have the app downloaded, you can create your account and then summon a ride. For complete instructions on how to summon your HyperLINK ride, zones/stops, and current incentives for using the service (HART is currently running a promotion for first-time users) please visit HART’s website or call (813)-254-4278.