Paris Metro Stations

One of the things I love about the Paris subway are the neatly adorned stations. Most of the Paris Metro stations follow the Art Nouveau style, which is evident even from the street-side surface entrances of some stations. This makes the stations look very nice compared to the more generic look of many New York City subway stations. One of the nicest metro stations is the Gare de Lyon station. The original Line 1 station was among the very first stations to open in the 1900s but has been renovated over the years. The architecture and ambiance of the Gare de Lyon mainline rail station coupled with the Line 1 metro station, and the newer Line 14 metro station, create a unique blend of both old world and modern spaces. Newer sections of Gare de Lyon look very much like a shopping mall because of their modern designs and ambiance.

Photo taken by HARTride 2012.March, 2009.
Photo taken by HARTride 2012.
March, 2009.

The above photo is the Strassbourg-St. Denis station along Line 4. Many stations throughout the Metro follow this design, where the walls along the platform tend to be flat, rather than curved, and ceilings are adorned with horizontal steel beams.

Photo courtesy of Josh C.Taken April, 2011.
Photo courtesy of Josh C.
Taken April, 2011.

This photo is that of Bastille, another one of the original stations along Line 1. Due to its complex curvature, the station is mostly open air, with canopies covering the platforms. Trains also have to slow down upon arrival and departure so that they do not become damaged. Platform screen doors were installed at all Line 1 stations in conjunction with the automation project.

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