South Bend Transpo

No, the agency is not going bust – just the old sign. Due to agency rebranding, I’m sure a new sign is being put up here. This is outside the agency’s main terminal.

The South Bend Public Transportation Corporation (d.b.a.: transpo) is the public transit district serving the town of South Bend, IN, as well as the town of Mishawaka, IN. Additionally, the system serves the nearby suburbs of Notre Dame & Roseland.

Agency Snapshot

Established: January 1, 1968.
The agency’s predecessor – the South Bend Railway Company – was founded on May 25, 1885.
Services Provided: Local & Express (fixed-route) Bus, Paratransit Van Service.
Number of Fixed Bus Routes: 20.
Number of Revenue Vehicles: Roughly 50 fixed-route buses. At least 10 Paratransit vans.
Number of Major Transit Hubs: 2.

Photo: South Street Station, transpo’s main transit hub.

System Overview

Like many transit systems, transpo operates on a hub-spoke system – where fixed bus routes originate out of a central hub. The system’s main hub is the South Street Station in the downtown South Bend – which was originally designed to be a mulitmodal hub for nearly all of its system routes, Amtrak services, & intercity bus services. However, the Amtrak component never materialized – leaving customers to have to travel 2.5 miles west to the existing Amtrak station. The South Street Station serves Routes 1, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9, 10, 11, 12 (Weekday), 12/14 (Saturday), 14 (Weekday), & 16.

The Mishawaka Transfer Center in Mishawaka serves as a secondary hub – serving Routes 1, 9, 11, 15A, 15B, & the Yellow Line (Interurban Trolley) route to Elkhart.

Buses operate Monday through Saturday only. There is no service on Sundays & many major holidays.

View the transpo System Map.

System Routes

Please visit the transpo site for current schedules & route maps.

  • Route 1: Madison/Mishawaka
  • Route 3A: Portage via Elwood/Marquette
  • Route 3B: Portage via Lathrop/Boland
  • Route 4: Lincolnway/Airport
  • Route 5: North Michigan
  • Route 6: South Michigan
  • Route 7: Notre Dame/UP Mall
  • Route 8: Miami/Scottsdale
  • Route 9: Northside/Mishawaka
  • Route 10: Western
  • Route 11: Southside/Mishawka
  • Route 12: Rum Village (Weekdays Only)
  • Route 12/14: Rum Village/Sample (Saturdays Only)
  • Route 14: Sample/Mayflower (Weekdays Only)
  • Route 15A: UP Mall/Mishawaka via Main
  • Route 15B: UP Mall/Mishawaka via Grape
  • Route 16: Blackthorn Express/II
  • Route 17: Sweep
  • The Interurban Trolley – Yellow Line

Additionally, transpo operates a Gameday Express shuttle during University of Notre Dame home football games & various K-12 school trippers. Further information about these services can be found on the transpo website when they are active.

Fare Structure

transpo accepts cash payment for one-way fares, as well as day passes. Rather than a monthly pass, the agency offers a two-week pass. The agency is also running a pilot project using the Token Transit app.

Please visit the transpo site for current fare information.

Vehicle Fleet

transpo operates a fixed-route bus fleet comprising of Gillig diesel & New Flyer CNG buses – with the former slowly being replaced by the latter.

# 2101 – a 2021 35′ New Flyer XN35.- rolling through downtown South Bend.
Unit #Model YearManufacturerModel/Length/
203, 205, 2062002GilligLow Floor Diesel – 35′Most units are retired
301, 3102003GilligLow Floor Diesel – 35′Most units are retired
416, 418,
419, 421
2004GilligLow Floor Diesel – 35′Some units are retired
1401-14162014New FlyerXcelsior CNG (XN35) – 35′
1501-15032015New FlyerXcelsior CNG (XN35) – 35′
1701-17032017New FlyerXcelsior CNG (XN35) – 35′
2101-21092021New FlyerXcelsior CNG (XN35) – 35′
The transpo fleet.

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