This page will summarize a few of the side projects that I am working on.

Page updated on September 29, 2013.

Fantasy Transit Systems

One of the main projects that I’m currently working on are several fantasy transit systems. Two fictional systems revolve around two real-life metropolitan areas, while the others revolve around totally fictional regions.

Mushroom Kingdom Transports:

For all of you Mario Bros fans out there, my largest fictional transport system thus far is one that revolves around the Mushroom Kingdom. I’ve been a long time fan to the Mario franchise and I’ve always asked myself, “What if the Mushroom Kingdom was thrusted into the modern age?” I will showcase the various modes of transport, as well as what Toad Town, Peach’s Castle, and other areas may look like if they all existed in real life, in the present time.

Below is a detailed map of the subway and surrounding rail systems.

Mushroom Kingdom Fantasy Rail Map

Cantaloupe Islands Transports:

Not long away from the Mushroom Kingdom is an archipelago of islands (the Cantaloupe Islands) that are connected together by various public transit modes and highways.This transport network includes an expansive and highly successful monorail system. At one time, I actually had a comprehensive map, similar to the Mushroom Kingdom map above. However, I lost that map when my old computer crashed.

Cindyville Transports:

Even before I came about with the Mushroom Kingdom fantasy transit system, I had briefly worked on another fictional transit system. This one was for the fictional city of Cindyville, which is a mix of Tampa, FL and Nashville, TN. Cindyville has a decent bus system, two elevated rail lines (similar to the Chicago El), and two people mover lines. There is also a commuter rail line (based off Nashville’s Music City STAR) that connects the eastern suburbs to the downtown area.

Revised map is coming soon…

Below is the in-train map.

This map placard would be seen inside Red and Blue Line trains. By HARTride 2012.
This map placard would be seen inside Red and Blue Line trains. By HARTride 2012. ~ Click on the image to take a closer look.

I’ll have more on the Cindyville system as soon as I can. 🙂

Shaunville Transports:

A third network is in planning, the Shaunville Elevated Metro, similar to the Chicago “El”.

Tampa Bay Fantasy Rail System:

Prior to the crushing defeat of Tampa’s transit tax referendum in 2010, I made a couple of rudimentary maps of possible light rail and commuter rail corridors throughout the Bay Area. When the referendum was defeated, and plans for High Speed Rail in Florida also killed, I quickly lost motivation to continue these maps. However, with rail discussion returning to the forefront, I plan on restarting this project with some new maps.

  • Light Rail Lines
    • Red Line
    • Navy Line
    • Blue Line
    • Green Line
    • Yellow Line
    • Orange Line
    • Purple Line
  • Commuter Rail Lines
    • Brown Line
    • Aqua Line
    • Violet Line
    • Peach Line
    • Olive Line
    • Maroon Line
  • Blog Posts

Norfolk, VA Fantasy Subway/Metro:

In late 2012, I began creating a fifth fantasy transport network. This one is a fictional subway system that encompasses the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The system has 10 subway lines as well as 4 light rail lines (though one line is split into two segments). The composition of the system is somewhat similar to the Paris Metro in Paris, France.

To view my tentative Google Map of the system, click here. I will have a “permanent” map similar to the Mushroom Kingdom map once all of the lines and stops are finalized. I am currently also making individual line maps via Google Maps as well. To view those maps, please see the links below:

Wikipedia – Paris Metro

Another project of mine centers on Wikipedia (you can find me on Wikipedia via username: wslupecki). What I am doing on Wikipedia involves updating all of the Wiki pages for the various Paris Metro (subway) lines and rolling stock. These updates will bring the English language versions of these pages to be more in line with their French language counterparts, which often contain more information than the English pages. Stories

In addition to the two above projects, I also post stories from time to time on These stories involve the Mario franchise as well as the Nintendo 64 game Perfect Dark (and its Xbox 360 precursor Perfect Dark Zero). Below are the three stories that I am actively working on, though there is a fourth story that I have uploaded but have not updated recently.

  • Air Base Mayhem – Part I: Ever wondered what goes on inside the Alaskan Air Base? How the staff goes through their day feeling totally isolated from the outside world? These questions are answered in this nutty fan fiction story.
    • A brief sample: It was another day at the Alaskan Air Base for Daphne Mills. She was expecting just the same old drabby day as she sat at her desk, reading over the list of flight crew members for Air Force One.
  • Emerald Skies: Joanna arrived in Detroit to take a much-needed vacation and spend time with old friends, only to have it cut short due to a cooperative operation between the city’s police department and the CI. Things soon take a turn for the worst when the operation turns up the worst crime in the city’s history.

    • A brief sample: After the collapse of dataDyne in 2024: Core Mantis-Omni Global took over all the company’s assets and operations, making CMO the largest and only hypercorp left on the planet.
  • Perfect Dark & the Thousand Year Door: Did you think that Paper Mario & the Thousand Year Door was a pretty neat game? Well, what if the cast of characters were replaced by those from the Perfect Dark series? What if the storyline was altered to tailor to these characters? That’s exactly what I did in this fan fiction story; most of the characters are from the Perfect Dark series, as well as my own characters.
    • A brief sample: A few seconds later, a rather short, grey creature walked in. His arms were very thin but his head was as huge as four footballs combined (well, maybe not that big, but still pretty big).

Although the stories themselves will be posted on the site, I will have some supplemental items posted here in the blog. Certain chapters to some of my stories may include mature content and thus will not be uploaded to FanFiction.Net due to their site guidelines. These chapters will instead be posted elsewhere.

SimCity 5/The Sims 3 Projects

Periodically, I will also post things regarding projects that I make via The Sims 3 or the newest incarnation of SimCity.

As always, stay tuned for updates.

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