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Our team is awesome!

On this page, you’ll find information regarding members of my website & social media team, as well as a listing of contributors. I’m not sure where I would be without these individuals & I greatly appreciate their assistance & contributions – which have all helped to expand The Global Transit Guidebook. A separate page is dedicated to blog authors.

Contributions to my sites are always welcome! You may use this form to submit any contribution inquiries. You name will then be added to the contribution list. You can also contact me if you wish to contribute ideas for a blog post or would like to contribute your own post.

Note: If I missed giving you credit, please contact me right away so I can put you on the list!

Guidebook Team Members

Jake L. – Website Editor, Guest Blog Author, & Assistant Social Media Administrator

Jake is an avid fan of the Votran bus system in Volusia County, FL, as well as SunRail. In addition to his transit photography – he also has photos of various emergency/first responder vehicles from the various counties and municipalities along the Space Coast.

Jake joined the Global Transit Guidebook Forum in September of 2016, then became a group moderator in May of 2018. In October, 2018, he became assistant administrator – helping to manage The Global Transit Guidebook Forum, The Global Transit Guidebook Facebook Page, & The First Responder Vehicle Lounge by HARTride 2012.

Jake also admins his own Facebook group, The Transit Enthusiast Lounge, in addition to running his own corresponding blog. He also has a presence on Flickr, Twitter, & YouTube.

Carlos A. (S.FL.T) – Social Media Moderator

Carlos has spent 35+ years photographing transit vehicles throughout southern Florida & beyond. His expansive knowledge about transit photography has allowed me to sharpen my own transit photography skills and my photography skills in general. You’ll find his photos gracing many sections of the Guidebook – including my Florida & Northeastern U.S. Transports sections. In addition to the many photos that he takes, Carlos also manages a Facebook group – Regional Transit by S.FL.T – and serves as a moderator on my Facebook page & groups.

John B. – Social Media Moderator

John’s passion for transit photography covers areas that I never thought of covering previously on my website – specifically Boston, MA & surrounding areas, and Bangor, ME. It is because of John’s wonderful transit photography that I’m gradually expanding my site’s coverage into the New England region. In addition to the many photos that he takes, John also manages several Facebook groups – including his mainstay group, The Transit Bus Fan Depot, has his own YouTube Channel, & serves as a moderator on my Facebook page and groups.

Guidebook Contributors

  • Shawn B.: Shawn was the original owner/admin for the Tampa Bay Transit site, which was originally called Tampa Bay Transit History.  For a brief period of time, he worked with Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) and took many photos of the system and its fleet. When Shawn asked me to take over his site, I graciously accepted, knowing that my passion for public transit would only grow. Please be sure to visit his mainstay transit fan site – Pittsburgh Transit History, as well as his other sites.
  • Anthony N: Anthony has been running his own website since 2008 – which goes beyond discussing transportation issues in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition; he has an expansive transit photo collection on Flickr, as well as a YouTube Channel. Anthony is also a member and moderator at the SkyScraperCity forums. He also served as a moderator for my Facebook page & groups for a couple of years.
  • Orion 2003: Orion 2003 has provided me with many photos of HART’s bus fleet, including the fleet of buses that went into service during the course of 2009 and 2010. He also provided me scans of old HART brochures and maps for me to use on my website.
  • Benobve: Benobve currently runs his own hobby sites (check them out here) revolving around public transport in the UK and in France, as well as elevators (for those of you who are interested in both new and old elevators). He also has many other fun things on his site, as well as numerous YouTube videos.
  • Minato: A regular member of the SkyScraperCity forums, he has provided me with several photos of the Paris transport system. He also has some videos on YouTube.
  • Flxible 131: Flxible 131 was kind enough to contribute a photo of a 1989 Flxible Metro bus, one of HART’s former mainstay bus fleets. Kudos!
  • Joe B. (Tampa Bay Transit by HARTride 2012): Joe once operated a website revolving around rail transport in Florida. He gave me a lot of inspiration to expand the content of the Florida Transports – Tampa Bay Metro Area section into Manatee and Sarasota counties.
  • Joe C.: The other Joe…a die-hard transit fan from Ontario, Canada has supplied me with various photos for the HART, PSTA, SCAT, and other Central Florida transit systems. He and I have also met for transit ride outings within the region.
  • Andy C.: Andy provided me with several photos of HART and Pasco County (PCPT) buses. This inspired me top create the Northern Tampa Bay sub-section.
  • Josh C.: Josh has provided me with various photos of public transit life in Tampa Bay and throughout his travels in Europe.
  • Don L.: Don was gracious enough to contribute 3 photos of a HART 10XX bus conducting test runs in Hayward, CA.
  • Steve Y.: Steve, an avid fan of the HART system and the TECOline Streetcar, was able to contribute some valuable information regarding the streetcar system.

Additional Thanks

  • SkyScraperCity Forum Members & Staff: There are too many of them to name! But I want to thank all those in the SkyScraperCity forums who have given me inspiration to launch what is today The Global Transit Guidebook.
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