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LAST UPDATE: 01/06/2021.

With the advent of Social Media (like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc), we must be careful about what we share online. Although you are more than welcome to share my blog posts and social media posts, I ask that you please share them in a respectful manner. That means no negative captions, bashing, or flaming. If I find that my posts are being shared in an inappropriate manner, I will have to ask you to remove the post immediately.

Also, please do not copy any photos from The Guidebook and put them to your own personal use. This includes posting photos on other blogs/sites without permission or putting images up as your social media page background, etc. As I’ve stated in the Photo Use section; many of these photos belong to contributors by which I’ve had to gain permission from to post them on The Guidebook to begin with. If I find that my photos are being posted elsewhere without my consent, I will have to ask you to remove them immediately.

I thank you for your understanding & cooperation on these matters.

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