Spotlight Posts

Blog posts on specific topics

Page was last updated on 09/08/2019.

Throughout the year, you will be seeing Spotlight Posts, which are specialized posts that focus on specific themes or topics.

  • Transit 101
    • Learn how to use public transit.
    • 10 episodes are planned, with 6 published as of 09/08/2019.
  • Transit Staycations
    • Local attractions, dining, & entertainment destinations that can be easily accessed via transit routes.
  • Journeys Afar
    • Journal-type entries, depicting my transit travels outside of the Tampa Bay region.
  • Friday Rewind
    • Looking back on previous blog posts & see what’s changed since then.
  • Route Spotlight
    • Profiling a specific transit route to see where it goes, how often it operates, & the history behind it.
  • PSTA Adventures
    • Documenting my various transit adventures throughout Pinellas County.
  • Monthly Photo Showcase
    • Each month, a different photo is showcased on the website & across accompanying social media channels.
    • While I tend to select which photos are featured in the Showcase each month, I do accept contributions from others. Additionally, I hold quarterly photo contests in The Global Transit Guidebook Forum Facebook Group. For a complete schedule of when the contests are held, simply join the group, then select Announcements.
  • No New Funding =
    • With our overall financial & political climate, negative measures sometimes have to be discussed – including service reductions.
  • Off-Route
    • Taking a look various topics not relating to public transit.

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