WEATHER ADVISORY – Passing cold front brings continuous rain, strong winds

Please plan your commute accordingly today and tomorrow. It’s going to be a wet, blustery day.

Today & Friday (April 18, 2019 & April 19, 2019) are set to be very rough, rainy, & windy for much of the southeastern & east coastal US. Today, much of the southeast can expect heavy rain, gusty winds, & the possibility of hail & tornadoes. That threat moves to Florida & the east coast on Friday.

The very nasty weather is all thanks to a passing cold front that has been making its way through the US for the past week. As you get ready for your day, please secure all outdoor furniture & plan your commutes accordingly. Please do not travel unless it is necessary to do so, as there is a possibility of localized flooding, in addition to the above.

Spectrum Bay News 9 Klystron 9 Radar

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