Month: January 2018

OneBusAway Support For PSTA Ends 1/31/18

Update: As of 2/7/18, entries for the PSTA routes are still showing on OBA, but data is no longer being fed over to the interface. The entries will be removed entirely around 2/18/18, when PSTA performs its next GTFS update to coincide with the… Continue Reading “OneBusAway Support For PSTA Ends 1/31/18”

An update on the “Photo of the Month”

Gasparilla & NHL All-Star 2018 Events – 1/27/2018

Post was last updated on: 1/23/18. Route detour info has been updated. Pirates, and Beads, and Transit…oh my! Yep, it’s that time again, for the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival! The Parade of the Pirates brings in hundreds of revelers each year, and along with that…tons… Continue Reading “Gasparilla & NHL All-Star 2018 Events – 1/27/2018”

MLK 2018 Holiday Transit Schedules

Post was updated on 1/14/18. Posted various updates in service levels and added additional agencies. Monday, January 16, 2017 is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, where we take a moment to celebrate the life and achievements of the famed Civil Rights leader. Unlike… Continue Reading “MLK 2018 Holiday Transit Schedules”