No “Photo of the Month” for December

If you’ve noticed, my November “Photo of the Month” has lingered a bit longer than it should have. That’s because I’m not posting a new photo for December. Instead, I’ve created a collage of photos that I’ve taken this year, although it is not inclusive of all of the transit adventures that I’ve embarked on.

With that said I invite you to be on the lookout for my 2017 “Year End Roundup” post, which will summarize the many transit-related happenings for 2017 as well as what to look forward to for 2018. I will have the post up by December 31, 2017.

Christmas 2017 Holiday Service Schedule

It’s that time again, to celebrate the Christmas season! If you’re planning to use transit on Christmas, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

  • Plan ahead: Make sure you know which transit agencies and routes are operating. Some agencies have expanded service for December to allow customers to wrap up holiday shopping. Traveling on Christmas Day? Please keep in mind that most transit agencies will operate limited to no service on Monday, December 25, 2017.
  • Avoid carrying too much all at once: If you’re scooping up a lot of bulky boxes, it can pose a hazard while on board the bus or train. Be sure to keep all items clear of aisles and keep an eye on all items at all times. Theft tends to be real high at this time of year, and transit agencies are watching closely to make sure no suspicious items are left behind on buses and trains.
  • Have your fare ready before boarding: Having your fare prepared prior to the bus or train arriving will help speed the boarding process.
  • Enjoy the ride: Above all though, enjoy your ride on board transit and be glad that you’re not having to do all the driving this Christmas season.

Holiday Service Levels

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Customer Service

Normal Service Resumption

Please see the “Christmas Day” notes above.


All information in this post have been compiled from the websites and social media channels of the respective transit agencies listed above. Ultimately, the agencies themselves are responsible for the accuracy of information that I’ve gathered. However, if you notice something that I’ve written that doesn’t match what the agency has posted (mistakes do happen, we’re all human), please let me know right away so that I can correct the information. Thank you.

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