ATLANTA, GA: I-85 viaduct collapse. What you need to know.

aerials i85 fire.mpg_19.43.25.23_1490917971950_2971320_ver1.0_640_360.png
Fire crews apply foam to the collapsed section of I-85 in midtown Atlanta on Thursday, 3/30/17. Photo Credit: WAGA (Fox 5 Atlanta).

On the evening of Thursday, March 30, 2017, an elevated section of I-85 in the metro Atlanta, GA region collapsed due to an intense fire that started underneath (possibly by PVC piping that was being stored). Smoke could be seen for miles while the fire burned and the resulting collapse and closure of the major artery is bound to snarl traffic in Georgia’s most populated city for weeks, if not a couple months.

If you reside in metro Atlanta and normally take I-85 as part of your daily commute, please know that the section of the interstate between the I-75 split in the Brookwood area and GA Hwy 400 in the Peachtree Park/Lindberg area is closed in both directions and will remain closed until the damaged sections are able to be rebuilt. Alternate routes include I-20, I-75, GA Hwy 42, GA Hwy 141, GA Hwy 154, US Hwy 19, US Hwy 41, and US Hwy 78. Please keep these roadways in mind if you are visiting the area as well. If you are simply passing through the Atlanta region, but are not stopping anywhere within the heart of the city, please take the I-285 Beltway. I currently do not recommend GA Hwy 13 (which the Buford Springs Connector is a part of) due to the ongoing investigation and traffic congestion.

During this time, please allow extra travel time and lots of patience. It’s never fun having to take detours because a major highway is closed, but your commute can be far worse if it is not planned out carefully.

Transit Services

If at all possible, please use public transit services during this time, as it will help alleviate congestion along key highways. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (or MARTA) is implementing increased rail services for today and this weekend. Please be sure to visit MARTA’s website for the latest information, including service changes, interruptions, and detours. You can also follow MARTA on Social Media and download the MARTA On the Go App. Currently, MARTA bus routes 6, 27, 30, 33, and 47 are being impacted by the incident and detours are possible. Please check with MARTA for the latest on these routes and allow extra commute time. Extra staffing will be provided along the MARTA system to assist customers in getting around.

Gwinnett County Transit buses originating in Gwinnett County will detour via I-20 and I-285.

For continuing updates on the I-85 closure, please monitor local media outlets.

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HART Service Changes – Effective 3/26/17

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) will enact minor scheduling and running time changes to Routes 5, 7, 12, and 32. On Monday, March 27, changes will be effective on Routes 31, 36, 46, 47LX, 53LX, 57, and 200X.

The most significant changes are that Routes 36 and 46 get a weeknight service boost. Instead of the routes cutting off after 9:00pm, both routes will have trips running as late as 11:00pm. Schedules can be obtained at, and printed schedules will be available after March 19, 2017.

Overview of Service Changes

Route 00400 MetroRapid – Minor running time changes.

Route 00005 Route 5 – Minor running time changes on weekends.

Route 00007ARoute 00007B Route 7 – Minor running time changes on all service days.

Route 00012 Route 12 – Minor running time changes on all service days.

Route 00031 Route 31 – Minor running time changes.

Route 00032 Route 32 – Minor running time changes on weekends.

Route 00036 Route 36 – Weekday service between Carrollwood and Britton Plaza extended to 11:00pm in both directions. Running times changed.

Route 00046 Route 46 – Weekday service extended to 10:00pm for eastbound and 11:00pm for westbound. Running times changed.

Route 00047LX Route 47LX – Minor running time changes.

Route 00053LX Route 53LX – Minor running time changes.

Route 00057 Route 57 – Minor running time changes on all service days.

Route 00200X Route 200X – Minor running time changes.

Picture670 TECOline Streetcar – Morning Service Pilot Project ends on 3/24/17, so schedules will revert back to the prior scheme with some running time changes. Read more about the outcome of the pilot project on HART’s Blog.

What about New Tampa Flex?

For those of you wondering about if and when the planned New Tampa Flex route will launch, unfortunately, the plans are on hold for now. Due to falling ridership across the nation, and possible funding reductions at the state and federal levels, plus a possible shakeup of TBARA and the ongoing controversy around Tampa Bay Express – HART is currently preparing for the grim possibility of enacting across-the-board service cuts come 2019. It’s something that I’ve been fearing for a long time and I hope that key routes will not be cut. However, some lower ridership routes may be re-aligned, merged, or eliminated, and much of the entire HART network as it stands today will radically change over the next few years. Also expect to see some services converted into Flex routes and others into HyperLINK zones.

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Photo of the Month – March, 2017


The March, 2017 “Photo of the Month” is a preserved GM New Look transit bus, taken by photo contributor Dion M.. These buses were introduced by General Motors in 1959 and became a staple in public transit networks throughout the US and Canada through the 1970s and 80s. Many buses remain preserved thanks to various non-profit groups who have committed resources to keeping the history of these buses alive.

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