The stage is nearly set for Williams Park

The bus shelters around Williams Park have been removed, and boy does it create a different atmosphere already! From this point onward, you’ll begin to see a transformation of the park from a bus terminal, to a vibrant public commons. Please scroll through the gallery below to see what has changed around the park, in respect to the transfer hub.

Some things to keep in mind

Any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming changes should be directed to PSTA. Please do not post comments to my blog or social media channels if you have questions about the service changes. I do not work for PSTA, nor do I have the most current information about the changes.

You may contact PSTA by calling (727) 540-1900, by visiting, by visiting one of four customer service centers located throughout the county, or by asking one of the on-site staff members at Williams Park during the period of January 31 through February 17. These ambassadors are easily identifiable via their yellow vests, and they are passing out hard copies of the service change brochure.

Changes to my transit photography

Beginning today, my transit photography in the Downtown St. Pete area will be very limited, due mainly to the upcoming changes. After February 20, 2016, I will no longer be taking photos of PSTA buses in the Downtown St. Pete area, unless one is staged for a special event. I am doing this for the safety of the PSTA employees and customers.