Go Hillsborough – Public Outreach Meetings – Phase II

Go Hillsborough Phase II Meetings

Meeting Schedule Updated on 10/14/15.

This post will list all upcoming Phase II Go Hillsborough public outreach meetings. These meetings are focused on which specific projects that county residents want to see in the final community transportation plan. These meetings began yesterday, August 17, 2015, and will continue through the month of October. In November, a decision is expected to be made by our county leaders as to whether or not to place a sales tax referendum onto the November, 2016 ballot.

From the Go Hillsborough website:

Now, we need your input on which specific projects you want in your neighborhood so that we can finalize the Community Transportation Plan. Over the next few weeks, GO Hillsborough will host another 54 meetings in libraries across the County. We will also continue to host our website, our social channels and our comment line. Please join us online or in person and make your voice and your choice heard.

Important Notice

Despite recent developments, the planned Go Hillsborough meetings are still scheduled to be held through October. If anything changes, this post will be updated as soon as possible.

Upcoming Meetings

Below is a summary of upcoming meeting dates, times, and locations. Please visit the Go Hillsborough website for a full list of meetings. Please keep in mind that an RSVP is not required, you can simply show up to these meetings.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

North Tampa Area
North Tampa Branch Library
8916 North Blvd, Tampa, FL 33604
10:00AM to 12-Noon

Progress Village Area
78th Street Community Library
7625 Palm River Rd, Tampa, FL 33619
5:30PM to 7:30PM

Full meeting schedule is available at gohillsborough.org.

The 2015 Back to School Post


Well folks! It’s that time again! Time for many people to head back to school! And whether you’re a college student attending one of the local colleges or universities, or a parent trying to get some last minute school supply shopping done for your children, it is always important to know that with the school year starting back up, you can expect increased traffic on the roads. And yes, that includes those big yellow school buses!

As always with school buses, it is imperative that drivers pay close attention out on the roads…especially when those buses come to a stop to pick up or drop off passengers. If you’re not aware already; all 50 states the US have laws that revolve around school buses, specifically laws that make it illegal to pass a school bus when it is stopped (and its lights are flashing and signs are extended out). Sadly, there are too many incidents by which vehicles pass a stopped school bus as it is loading or unloading passengers, and some of those incidents have involved fatalities or serious injury.

If you don’t think I’m serious about this matter, then please take a moment to jog on over to Shawn’s School Bus Driver website, where he has a page dedicated to this matter in particular. There are also neat diagrams on the page that illustrate which situations where all traffic must stop while a school bus is loading or unloading passengers, and a couple of videos that show just what can happen when other drivers fail to follow the law. I applaud Shawn for putting his time and effort into making such an informative page!

With that said, I wish everyone that is headed back to the classroom a safe and wonderful school year!