January, 2015 Transit Ridership Summary

The Transit Ridership Summary table has been updated with January, 2015 figures! If you’re new to my site, this table can be accessed and downloaded through Dropbox. Don’t have a Dropbox account? Not a problem! Anyone can access and download this file. Even then, Dropbox provides a free “basic” service for you to upload and share files to.

For those of you who may have missed my original post, I am now listing ridership figures on an Excel spreadsheet, as opposed to creating a detailed blog post every month with figures. Please note that since I am publishing figures for three transit agencies, HART, PSTA, and HRT, that there may be a delay in posting, since each agency releases ridership figures at different times.

When opening the document, if you see the 2014 figures, you will need to select the 2015 tab on the spreadsheet to view the 2015 figures. For Dropbox Mobile App users, you will need to have the Microsoft Office App installed. Select the Ridership Summary document in Dropbox and then select the “folder” icon at the top to select the 2015 sheet. Please note that both smartphone apps are free of charge for Android. I don’t have an iPhone, so I don’t know the availability of either app for the Apple Store.

As always, these ridership figures are obtained from publicly accessible sources, such as board meeting packets, and cannot be considered as copyrighted or proprietary.

Access the 2014-2015 Transit Ridership Summary

PSTA Sets New Ridership Record – In Surprising Fashion

When gas prices plummet, typically a lot of people who use transit primarily due to higher gas prices will return to their own vehicles in droves. At least, that’s been the trend for a while now. However, this past January has not been the case for PSTA, where they saw another record ridership month even as gas prices temporarily reached the $2.00 mark in some areas of Florida.

Please read PSTA’s post for more on this exciting news!


ridershipWho: Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority

What: Carried more riders in January, 2015 than any previous January in agency history

When: January, 2015

Where: Throughout Pinellas County and to Tampa

How: By providing a record-setting 1,258,631 rides to area transit users

The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority set its second consecutive all-time monthly ridership record last month, making for seven new records in the past eight months.  January’s record, however, was a bit of a surprise for PSTA leaders, because it happened during a period when gasoline prices dramatically dropped. Typically transit ridership will also drop during periods of low fuel prices, but PSTA’s ridership not only bucked that trend, but it did so in astonishing fashion – by posting a 7.8% increase over January, 2014.

“It’s one of the biggest jumps in ridership that I’ve seen in my 14 years of service with this agency,” says PSTA Board Chair and…

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